Louis Vuitton, the master luggage craftsman, has unfortunately not devised a system where a baby could just be packed up and taken for a journey! If this were the case, it would be all too simple.

However, travelling with a baby , though daunting, is not impossible , especially since most babies have already had their first outing to the post-natal clinic or the paediatrician‘s ┬áby the age of 1 week!!! Continue reading


Well, it’s been 16 weeks now since Keshav came into our lives and a fortnight since I last blogged about my Granny days.This is mainly because we’ve been dealing with the circadian rhythms of Keshav which has totally messed with ours. All studies say that infants start sleeping well the minute they turn 12 weeks old. Obviously their studies did not include Keshav because he wasn’t born yet! After dealing with a harrowing 6th week of screaming because of the tummy monster, the agonising pains of growing up in the eighth week ,we were looking forward to cruising along the nights from the twelfth week on. Continue reading