Fashionably Baby

In the good old days when babies wore gowns, things were relatively simple. Nowadays as with everything else, we are spoilt for choice or is it the choice that has spoilt things ?/p>http://www.babanbaby.com/first-needs/clothing/top-string-jablas-plain-white-0-4-months

Today you can dress a newborn in a traditional gown with tie ups or snaps. The best garment for a newborn will be the all in one or onesie or baby gro as it was called in my time. I find that the best onesies are literally all in one with a flap over so that the baby’s chest is properly covered. Out of all onesies Keshav wore, the European ones were the best. You literally had to place the baby flat on the garment, slip the arms into the sleeves and fold over the rest to snap into place.

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BEWARE ! Don’t let your life BC become a life that is past

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on this site . Well, like most things in my life, I got too caught up with living itself to spend time writing. When you’re busy helping raise  an infant, albeit as a grandmother, you find things spinning out of control and before you know it, you have no time at all to do the things you want to do. Perhaps that is what is called living in the moment – the absolute immediate moment that requires all your attention – such as

  • changing the nappy
  • bathing the baby
  • handling baby’s clothes
  • organising baby’s food

Essentially , concentrating on Baby related work

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Well, it’s been 16 weeks now since Keshav came into our lives and a fortnight since I last blogged about my Granny days.This is mainly because we’ve been dealing with the circadian rhythms of Keshav which has totally messed with ours. All studies say that infants start sleeping well the minute they turn 12 weeks old. Obviously their studies did not include Keshav because he wasn’t born yet! After dealing with a harrowing 6th week of screaming because of the tummy monster, the agonising pains of growing up in the eighth week ,we were looking forward to cruising along the nights from the twelfth week on. Continue reading


Why is the baby crying?

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One question you will hear time and again is

” Why is the baby crying?”

When your little munchkins is red in the face, wriggling and writhing, his face scrunched up and  mouth wide open to let out the loudest wail , this is the last question you’d ever want to hear! Especially when you don’t have the answer yourself. But, you will hear it again and again and again till you  feel like joining baby in sheer helplessness! But fear not. Babies don’t cry for no reason. Continue reading


Why forty days?

When we had our babies, we had to spend the first forty days in a darkened room which was meant specially for nursing mothers.Only the bais could come inside to give the mother nd child a bath. And in the evening a stove with burning embers would be kept below the bed to keep the room warm. And the baby was kept for a while enshrouded in smoke.

I was horrified when I heard this description from my mother in law. No wonder it was called a confinement . I think it more appropriate to call it imprisonment. Continue reading


To Nurse or Not to Nurse ?

That is the question that has plagued all mothers and pediatricians alike. When I was a mother it was the rage to put the baby on solid food as soon as possible. As long as we breast fed the baby for 12 weeks it was fine. We were not only encouraged to give formula feeds from day 1 but were also encouraged to give water, gripe water and vitamin drops.

Thirty years on and I find all that’s changed. Mothers today are encouraged to breast feed exclusively for 6 months. This is supposed to give the child a life long immunity against obesity and asthma and other allergy induced  conditions. So Neesha has decided to exclusively feed little Keshav. But it’s not as easy as it looks find out more on this link


p.s. the picture is not mine. I’ve taken it from the net.