To Nurse or Not to Nurse ?

That is the question that has plagued all mothers and pediatricians alike. When I was a mother it was the rage to put the baby on solid food as soon as possible. As long as we breast fed the baby for 12 weeks it was fine. We were not only encouraged to give formula feeds from day 1 but were also encouraged to give water, gripe water and vitamin drops.

Thirty years on and I find all that’s changed. Mothers today are encouraged to breast feed exclusively for 6 months. This is supposed to give the child a life long immunity against obesity and asthma and other allergy induced  conditions. So Neesha has decided to exclusively feed little Keshav. But it’s not as easy as it looks find out more on this link


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Food for thought – Just what the doctor ordered

  • Can I eat Papaya when I am pregnant?
  • When is it safe for me to travel?
  • Is it ok to have Cokes and Coffee now that I am pregnant?

These are just some of the questions that come to your mind once you find out that you are pregnant. And you can’t always ask your doctor these questions either without sounding a bit high strung. So very often you would turn to the next best option – that all knowing GOD – the Internet. But despite your quick internet connection, I still feel that there is nothing like a good, old- fashioned book to flip through for quick answers.

Unfortunately, most books on the subject of pregnancy are written by foreign authors and don’t really address the concerns of Indian mothers, so I was delighted when my friend Roma presented Neesha with a book written by one of India’s leading gynaecologists based in amchi Mumbai :  Fetal Attraction by Dr. Dhuru Shah.

Front Cover

Jaico Publishing House, 01-Jan-2005 – Health & Fitness – 316 pages
The Only Pregnancy Resource You’ll Ever Need The childbirth experience in India is indisputably far removed from the childbirth experience anywhere else in the world. Consequently it is critical to address the needs, alleviate the concerns and assuage the fears that every Indian mother (and father)-to-be inexorably undergoes during the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Most guidebooks in book stores are by foreign authors, and more often than not it is not easy to correlate with the information therein. The need of the hour was an Indian book, by Indian experts, for expectant Indian parents! Written by two experienced gynaecologists, Dr. Duru Shah and Dr. Safala Shroff and Ivor Vaz, Fetal Attraction is a classic one-stop-resource to pregnancy, labour, and early childbirth. You’ll find all the answers here to the most frequently asked questions before, during, and after pregnancy. Carefully styled to equip you with everything you need to know on the subject, this up-to-the-minute manual also takes into account the latest medical developments as well as changes in the modern women’s attitudes and lifestyles.
Another book which we happened to come upon by chance was Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina. This book has some common sense advice on how to take care of yourself before you become a mother and how to ensure a happy and healthy child after the baby is born. Though this obviously addresses an American audience, it does provide some insight into good parenting.
Buy Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five
Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five is the New York Timesbestseller by John Medina. The book shows how the human brain functions. It reassures the reasons for the need to redesign our school and work atmospheres. The author believes that scientists know the answers to a lot of questions, for instance, the best way to handle one’s temper tantrums, fundamental actions that need to be undertaken during pregnancy, and the amount of TV time that is fine for a baby. He puts forward that what one does before and during pregnancy, and the first 5 years will affect one’s children for the rest of their lives. He puts an effort to bridge the knowledge gap and actual practice between scientists and parents. The book also elucidates the fact that teaching children impulse control is actually the best way to orient them to getting into college. Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five is filled with many witty and eye-catching stories, which unravel the overall development of a child’s brain, and ways to optimize them. ( Review taken from website)
So even if you are not a great “reader” of books, as a mother-to-be you will find  these two books very interesting  and  will give you some idea of the shape of things to come