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In the good old days when babies wore gowns, things were relatively simple. Nowadays as with everything else, we are spoilt for choice or is it the choice that has spoilt things ?/p>http://www.babanbaby.com/first-needs/clothing/top-string-jablas-plain-white-0-4-months

Today you can dress a newborn in a traditional gown with tie ups or snaps. The best garment for a newborn will be the all in one or onesie or baby gro as it was called in my time. I find that the best onesies are literally all in one with a flap over so that the baby’s chest is properly covered. Out of all onesies Keshav wore, the European ones were the best. You literally had to place the baby flat on the garment, slip the arms into the sleeves and fold over the rest to snap into place.

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Expanding wardrobes

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In the initial stages of her pregnancy Neesha hardly showed the bump. In fact because of her nausea she hardly ate anything as a result of which her weight gain was negligible. So when I told her that I wanted her to approve some maternity clothes or at least come fabric shopping with me to get some tailored she pooh poohed the idea with a ” What nonsense! What an old fashioned idea! None of my colleagues has even bothered with a maternity wardrobe.”

“Really?” I questioned unbelieving, remembering my own attempts at making a fashionable maternity wardrobe. ” What do they do when they can’t wear their own clothes any more?”

“Oh they borrow their mother’s!”

“What nonsense,” I persisted, ” How can that be?”

“Why?” she persisted, “It’s only for a few months then they can get back to their clothes.”

While I was flattered at Neesha even wanting to wear my hitherto unfashionable wardrobe, I was equally horrified at the thought of having nothing to wear myself! ” But what about me?” I asked.

“Oh you can make new clothes for yourself”

That settled it. If I was going to make new clothes, I’d rather make them for her.

But tailors themselves are hard to come by so I decided to scour the shops for suitable maternity wear. Unfortunately Maternity Wear translates as gowns for nursing mothers an most of them decidedly ugly. So what Neesha wore for the first trimester were largely regular fashion wear. I found AND, 109 F and Cotton World particularly good stores to shop in. Of course the clothes weren’t designed as Maternity wear but they were loose, comfortable and above all stylish. I managed to find her some tunics in bold geometric designs in soft flowing knit which are particularly flattering for a growing silhouette.Neesha got good wear out of these clothes even though they were expensive and continues to wear them now as a nursing mother as the garments are large enough to be comfortable while feeding.

So don’t make the mistake of wearing your mother’s clothes ( whether she is fashionable or not!). Go instead for your own wardrobe, one that makes you feel fashionable and pretty as well. Motherhood does not mean a farewell to fashion and looking good! In fact this is the time when you must pamper yourself especially when you find your spirits lowering as your waistline increases. One by one your favourite clothes will be consigned to the back of your cupboard leaving you with doubts as to whether you will ever wear them again!

Buy just a few staples like tunics and tights which you can mix and match or long flowing kameezes with salvars. Team them up with different scarves or wraps or dupattas and have a blast with your expanding wardrobe.

Of course you will! And the day won’t be soon enough but till you do, indulge your bulge and fill your wardrobe with fashionable, comfortable clothes that will take you through the nine months and more!

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While you will be forced to choose from mainstream fashion remember to look for clothes that are

  • Loose at the bottom which will accommodate that bump
  • buttoned down the front which will take you through the nursing stage

And if all else fails go to the local fabric store, look up some fashion magazines and make your very own unique line of Maternity wear tailored by the local darzee.


p.s. All images have been taken from MYNTRA