Looking after mom-to-be

With a sudden flow of hormones mothers to be are very vulnerable. Almost overnight your sensible daughter will become a weepy, unreasonable “kid” all over again. The first time I experienced this new side to my grown up daughter took me by surprise. Granted we called her Babes but she was anything but that. She was a hard nosed doctor and had spent her years of medical training traveling the length and breadth of Mumbai on the crowded suburban train network, worked in municipal hospitals and had lived through several bomb scares and terror attacks. So apart from the emergencies she had to face at work, she was exposed to more than an ordinary life.

We had had a harrowing week at home and my daughter was particularly testy because her husband was away. That’s when I realised how important it is to have the father close at hand. For mothers to be who are working, work is a blessing and also a curse. As an anaesthetist Neesha had to tell her colleagues at work that she was pregnant almost the minute she found out because she had to safeguard against exposure to gases and radiation. So many people who should have been informed found out purely by chance and were quite offended that they weren’t informed first. That is when I realised that one has to be really quick on one’s feet and come up with plausible excuses since the traditional excuse of not telling any one for the first three months is already violated by spilling the beans at the work place.

But if you don’t work it is much worse. The initial discomfort associated with pregnancy is best forgotten while working and an active mind keeps the mind free from unsettling thoughts. As a grandmother to be it is best to encourage your child to work as much and as for as long as she can ensuring that she is out of harm’s way.

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Old Mom, New Mom

When my daughter first told me that she hated the colour pink I was certain she was pregnant.

Strange but true.

My daughter was always a girly girl and like most modern professional women, was happy to flaunt her femininity in the workplace bringing a great deal of empathy and charm in her practice as an Anaesthetist. Unlike women of an earlier generation who burnt their bras and de-feminised themselves in order to become one of the lads, women of today are unashamed of proclaiming their femaleness. So when she expressed a distinct aversion to her favourite colour, I knew for certain that she was pregnant , a fact that was confirmed with a home pregnancy test a few days later and reaffirmed with a sonogram a few weeks’ later at the doctor’s clinic.

So how did I know that? Call it maternal instinct.

As a thirty year old mother and a fifty five year old woman, I knew for certain that my daughter was going to make me a grandmother soon. Years of experience as a stay at home mom, full time driver of children to their various activities, as an inveterate story teller, agony aunt and keeper of secrets, I am experiencing a career change with my new role