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Welcome to my blog on Grandmotherhood and share my experiences as I help my daughter Neesha bring up her son.

Piecing it together

Piecing it together


A wise man once said

It takes a village to bring up a child. 

Motherhood is a full time job and with double incomes becoming the norm, it is increasingly hard for mothers to bring up children single handedly. And unfortunately we’ve long since moved out of our villages and spread our roots in urban jungles. So how do we go about bringing up our children?  With paid/trained, reliable help getting hard to find, very often the best solution lies in seeking the help of your own mother!

But very often mothers like me who last held a child thirty years ago, being a grandmother is as bewildering as being a first time mom. While instincts do kick in,we have to consider newer ideas and theories on child rearing. Very often these are quite different and sometimes quite the opposite off what we had been brought up on .

As a newly minted grandmother, I’d like to share my experiences of mothering and grandmothering with other new mothers and grandmothers.

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