I was visiting my daughter for the first time after she returned to Mumbai when I told her that I’d seen a lovely pink dress at Westside. I was shocked at her first response ” Eeeks! I can’t stand pink!”

Now my daughter Neesha is a real girly girl (even though she likes to think otherwise). As a medical doctor she brings a lot of empathy and feminine charm to her practice and even though most of her patients are knocked out ( she is an anesthetist) she definitely calms their fears before getting them ready for any kind of surgery. Unlike the female professionals of an earlier generation which revelled in burning their bras and tried hard to be one of the boys, women at the workplace today aren’t ashamed of being women and flaunt their femininity with pride. Gone are the masculine power suits or stern looking saris aimed at de-feminising them and in their place are confident smart women who love being mistaken for models or film stars while being thoroughbred professionals.

But the moment she claimed that she couldn’t stand pink, my antennae went up and I instinctively told her that she must be pregnant.

“What rubbish!” she claimed even more vehemently.” You really talk a lot of nonsense!”

But as a mother, I knew better: she’d been married for six months and was thinking of starting a family and moreover, why would she start hating PINK,  a colour she had simply adored? A few days later a home pregnancy test confirmed my diagnosis and a few weeks later, a visit to the gynaecologist banished any further doubts.

So as a thirty year old mother and a fifty five year old woman based out of Mumbai, I decided to blog about my new role as a grandmother. I’ve enjoyed my years of motherhood and am enjoying this new role as a grandmother.

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