Why I haven’t been posting on this Blog

It’s been a while now since I posted on this blog and it has largely been due to a huge misunderstanding with myself.

  • I always thought that Blogger was the best platform to host a blog and didn’t really make the effort to persist with WordPress. 
  • I have been so busy with babysitting that I had absolutely no time to contribute to this blog especially since I was already committed to submitting a weekly post to another host.

So what made me change my mind?

I attended a bloggers meet earlier this year where I met some amazing young bloggers, chief among them being a young girl who told me exactly what was wrong with my blog. Apparently I have been using a really old, outmoded template on Blogger and this was the chief reason why I was not making it to the SEO rankings. Infact my blog hasn’t even been a blip on the radar. This completely demoralised me and I actually thought of giving up blogging altogether and hence gave up this newest blog, to leave me with time to concentrate on my original blog on Blogger.

And in all this confusion I completely forgot my name and password to access this blog hence the deep silence.

Finally after much trial and error and purely by accident, I retraced my path and found it all……my name and the password.


So I’m back.


I hope to be more regular with this blog and would like to post at least once a week. 

Just a quick re-cap of my granny journey so far :

  • Baby has learnt to crawl
  • Baby has learnt to walk
  • Baby has learnt to stay without his mother for a whole working day
  • Baby has become a cute little boy.

And I can’t wait to share those lovely moments with you!

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