Fashionably Baby

In the good old days when babies wore gowns, things were relatively simple. Nowadays as with everything else, we are spoilt for choice or is it the choice that has spoilt things ?/p>

Today you can dress a newborn in a traditional gown with tie ups or snaps. The best garment for a newborn will be the all in one or onesie or baby gro as it was called in my time. I find that the best onesies are literally all in one with a flap over so that the baby’s chest is properly covered. Out of all onesies Keshav wore, the European ones were the best. You literally had to place the baby flat on the garment, slip the arms into the sleeves and fold over the rest to snap into place.

The downside of this garment is that more often than not it is made out of a woven knit so even if it is in cotton it is much thicker than our thin mulls which are ideally suited for the hot Indian summer (assuming of course your baby is a summer baby!)

At all times you must adequately protect the child’s chest and head. In the initial months when the fingernails are hard to trim or cut, mitts often help to keep the child from scratching his face so even if it is warm, they are worth using. Else your little one can land up looking like a battle scarred veteran with red scratches or welts on his face.

Once baby crosses the ‘newborn’ stage, clothing gets better . Baby looks less fragile and it is easier to dress baby. Then may be you could go on to the slip over the head clothes especially when they are made of knit fabric and stretch well.

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