WhatsApp Grandma?


Since when have grannies stopped using notebooks and pencils to make notes?

Since when have grannies stopped writing long, advisory letters to their grandchildren?

A long long time ago!

People of my generation gladly abandoned the typewriter of our parents and embraced the keyboard and all its touchboard advantages. With iPads and iPhones taking technology even further and simpler to use, we’ve adapted to that system too? So for all those young ones who think they’ve invented WhatsApp? they’d better start thinking again.

These days with so many grandparents being tech savvy, grandchildren will be surprised to get a WhatsApp message from their grandparents. When did that old bird learn how to type so fast? Indeed, the little ones forget that  Whats App was not invented by them or their generation, computers have been around for a long while now.In fact, there is a pair of grandparents in America ( where else?? and Denver Co, to be more precise) who have invented an application that helps them keep in touch with their grandchildren and family scattered all over the place. Fam Zoom which is a downloadable application helps you do puzzles with your grandkids at the exact same time that they’re doing it!! This sounds simply amazing and while I haven’t tried it since Keshav is too small ( he’s just about started holding his head), I’m dying to try it out when he gets bigger.

Truly with the amazing revolution in the virtual world, grandparents can get closer to their grandchildren in the medium that they are familiar with. Despite the spectacles they can’t find, the fingers that don’t move as fast and  the decibels they can’t hear, computers have truly changed the way people communicate and keep in touch. How thrilling it is for a grandparent seven seas away to see a child’s first birthday party in action? And through Facebook and Twitter they can even find out what their friends are up to, see photographs the moment they are uploaded and generally be literally a click away.

So for your grannies and grandpas ( more likely great grandparents) who are unfamiliar with the new technology, just go for it and shock your grandchild with a WhatsApp? Flood his email inbox with silly forwards that he never knew existed and wish him a Happy Birthday on his Facebook wall. If that doesn’t grab his attention nothing will!

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