Fashionably Baby

In the good old days when babies wore gowns, things were relatively simple. Nowadays as with everything else, we are spoilt for choice or is it the choice that has spoilt things ?/p>http://www.babanbaby.com/first-needs/clothing/top-string-jablas-plain-white-0-4-months

Today you can dress a newborn in a traditional gown with tie ups or snaps. The best garment for a newborn will be the all in one or onesie or baby gro as it was called in my time. I find that the best onesies are literally all in one with a flap over so that the baby’s chest is properly covered. Out of all onesies Keshav wore, the European ones were the best. You literally had to place the baby flat on the garment, slip the arms into the sleeves and fold over the rest to snap into place.

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Happy Birthday

Today Keshav is 6 months old which makes me a 6 month old granny. It also makes Neesha a 6 month old mummy.

Looking at little Keshav now and how he was then , I can’t imagine how time has flown. It seems like only yesterday that we wondered

when will he open his eyes?

when will he hold his head?

when will he turn?

when will the “tummy monster” be dead?

when will he sleep through the night?

when will he smile with recognition?

when will he grab his first toy?

when will he laugh with pure joy?

when will he sit up alone?

when will he eat his first solid meal?

There are lots of milestones still to be attained,

there are many more nights he’ll keep us awake

wondering why he is crying

why he is sleeping

why he is eating what he is eating

why he is doing what he is doing

what is going on inside his little head?

We wait for his first tooth

His creeping, his crawling,

His slow discovery of this wonderful world.


When is your baby ready to eat?

  • Does your baby drool and drool so that his shirt has to be changed four times in a day only because it is dripping wet with drool?
  • Does your baby stare intently as you eat, his eyes following your movements from the plate to your lips?
  • Do your baby’s eyes glisten when you pass a food counter?
  • Does your baby wake up every hour at night because he is not full enough?

That’s when your baby is ready to eat even when he’s not 6 months old.

Neesha is one of those new age moms who insist on nursing their children exclusively for the first six months. When his throat was parched and his lips dry with the heat, I hesitantly asked her if I could wet his lips with a wet cloth. She looked askance and said ” Don’t talk rubbish! He is not supposed to drink water!”

I was equally aghast as I distinctly remember giving her water, gripe water and even a top up with a formula before she was 12 weeks old. In fact I couldn’t wait for twelve weeks to get over before I could get her onto something more wholesome than milk and was really excited to get her into taking solid food. But things have changed today. Nowadays mothers are advised to nurse the child exclusively for 6 months which is a whole 24 weeks or 28+ weeks if you go by the date the baby was born.

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WhatsApp Grandma?


Since when have grannies stopped using notebooks and pencils to make notes?

Since when have grannies stopped writing long, advisory letters to their grandchildren?

A long long time ago!

People of my generation gladly abandoned the typewriter of our parents and embraced the keyboard and all its touchboard advantages. With iPads and iPhones taking technology even further and simpler to use, we’ve adapted to that system too? So for all those young ones who think they’ve invented WhatsApp? they’d better start thinking again.

These days with so many grandparents being tech savvy, grandchildren will be surprised to get a WhatsApp message from their grandparents. When did that old bird learn how to type so fast? Indeed, the little ones forget that  Whats App was not invented by them or their generation, computers have been around for a long while now.In fact, there is a pair of grandparents in America ( where else?? and Denver Co, to be more precise) who have invented an application that helps them keep in touch with their grandchildren and family scattered all over the place. Fam Zoom which is a downloadable application helps you do puzzles with your grandkids at the exact same time that they’re doing it!! This sounds simply amazing and while I haven’t tried it since Keshav is too small ( he’s just about started holding his head), I’m dying to try it out when he gets bigger.

Truly with the amazing revolution in the virtual world, grandparents can get closer to their grandchildren in the medium that they are familiar with. Despite the spectacles they can’t find, the fingers that don’t move as fast and  the decibels they can’t hear, computers have truly changed the way people communicate and keep in touch. How thrilling it is for a grandparent seven seas away to see a child’s first birthday party in action? And through Facebook and Twitter they can even find out what their friends are up to, see photographs the moment they are uploaded and generally be literally a click away.

So for your grannies and grandpas ( more likely great grandparents) who are unfamiliar with the new technology, just go for it and shock your grandchild with a WhatsApp? Flood his email inbox with silly forwards that he never knew existed and wish him a Happy Birthday on his Facebook wall. If that doesn’t grab his attention nothing will!


Tips on how to entertain with an infant.

In my last post I mentioned that young couples, particularly young mothers, should not give up their pre-infant lives. While it is important to maintain a baby’s schedule, it is equally possible to have some kind of a social life. In India especially in this season of festivity, young mothers are often invited to family dos or other social events. Very often , unsure of how the baby will react , many mothers prefer not to go or to go without the baby if possible. So does it mean that you should lead a secluded life for the first six months of your infant’s life? Of course not. But also it is equally important to remember that large social gatherings are also good breeding grounds for infections like coughs and colds that are doing the rounds these days. Plus an infant attracts attention like no other and there are many hands that are willing to grab him and pass him around  like a parcel and it becomes difficult to say NO without seeming like a stuck up B*****.

While it makes sense to stay away from crowds and indoors in the first forty days after your delivery, a time comes when you need to get out : mainly to maintain your own sanity. But you should take care while going out that :

  • the best way to entertain or go out when nursing the child is to keep the child at home. Express enough milk for a feed ( with an extra bag incase baby feels more hungry!!!) and leave the feeding to the caretaker. This is actually the best way for you to enjoy your own outing without worrying about baby and baby’s feed times and fussiness.

But it is not always possible for baby to be left at home unless you have a regular ayah or nurse to look after the child. So what do you do then?

  • your infant is well protected in terms of swaddling etc
  • avoid passing the infant like a parcel and make sure that adoring aunts and uncles do get a good look at the infant but in your arms or in the care taker’s arms only
  • if possible, it is best to express your milk and keep it in the freezer and keep the infant at home

To entertain or not that is the question that many a young couple faces these days.

  1. If you are staying with your in-laws or in a joint family, entertaining is much easier because the household functions with or without you in its own way. So perhaps this would be the first tip – entertain only when you have a large family to help with the entertainment.
  2. Entertain in small numbers. Babies get intimidated by strangers especially when they are out of that sleep all day stage and you would do well to remember this . So even if you have to have several small parties, it is well worth it to go through the trouble of many small dos rather than one large do.
  3. Home or out? Depending on where your out is – for instance if you can hire a secluded section of a restaurant  then entertaining outside is great because you are saved the hassle of seeing to the catering as well. Ideally a child friendly Club is the best place to entertain with an infant in tow.
  4. Lunches or Brunches. Somehow I feel babies are better managed in the day and I would recommend a lunch or a brunch rather than a dinner or late night dessert and coffee kind of entertainment. While this restricts your entertainment to weekends or just lunches with friends who are not working, this is really a good option.
  5. Keep it informal. It is not a good idea to entertain people whom you want to impress while you have a small baby in tow. Babies don’t know how important your guests are to you and are likely to wail or play up at the worst time so if you have to entertain your boss, make sure your baby is well cared for by a baby sitter and won’t be around when you entertain. Otherwise, it is best to keep the entertainment informal.
  6. Keep it in the family – Perhaps the only people who will enjoy the wails of your infant and be indulgent about his playing up will be family so if you really need entertaining or need to entertain, call them.