Well, it’s been 16 weeks now since Keshav came into our lives and a fortnight since I last blogged about my Granny days.This is mainly because we’ve been dealing with the circadian rhythms of Keshav which has totally messed with ours. All studies say that infants start sleeping well the minute they turn 12 weeks old. Obviously their studies did not include Keshav because he wasn’t born yet! After dealing with a harrowing 6th week of screaming because of the tummy monster, the agonising pains of growing up in the eighth week ,we were looking forward to cruising along the nights from the twelfth week on.

Paulu, the girl next door assured Neesha that babies have the uncanny knack of settling down and sleeping peacefully the MOMENT they hit the twelve week mark . ” I don’t know how, ” she told us, ” the minute they become twelve weeks, they actually stop waking up every now and then , reduce their night feed and actually have gaps of three hours or more between each feed.”

So many mothers who are now happily wheeling their one year olds in the park assured Neesha that things only get better and that patience was the key to everything. Scouring through countless websites, Neesha has found that sleeplessness of infants is the major concern of most first time mothers. There have been scores of articles on this topic which has been dealt with beautifully and in depth by another young mother in her blog

We’ve heard various words of comfort and “solutions” to this “problem

Baby boys fuss more than girls.

Breast fed babies are fussier than formula fed babies.

Baby’s are particularly sensitive to sounds and smells and the least disturbance from their routine can throw everything off.

Make a sleep time routine and make sure baby knows it.

Rocking, singing, or even a drive in a car can lull a baby to sleep.

Alas , the simple truth is that there are no rules to life and there are definitely no rules to a baby’s sleep. There have been days when Keshav has literally slept like a baby – and there are days when he’s stayed awake. On those days we hoped that he’d finally sleep well through the night but we were always proved wrong. Keshav has his own rhythm and quite unlike Preeti’s baby who sleeps 8 hours at a stretch at night, will continue getting up every two hours for his feed till he finally decides that he wants to sleep like a big boy.


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