When small is big


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged on this site and it is largely because I’ve been busy trying to catch up. Ever since Keshav has come along we seem to be running our lives on his schedule. Yes, that’s what a baby lands up doing : turning your life upside down.

Once the initial ooh and aahs are over and reality sets in you realise that a little baby means a great adjustment. In multi generational household like ours, the great grandparents often find the baby’s wails shattering their afternoon siestas and they also resent the fact that they have to tiptoe around the house and talk in whispers.

All of a sudden the house becomes baby centric end everything revolves around what baby said and did. Families like ours have put all entertainment on hold and have had only baby’s visitors these past three months. We’ve not entertained at home, have been out only twice for dinner and have made sure that baby is taken with us only to safe and uncrowded places.

A routine like this which seems boring and undo-able, however, is required if the child has to be brought up happy. I know many people will not agree with my point of view and believe that a child has to adjust to the world and not the other way around. But honestly, try telling that to a new born who has spent 40 weeks in the blissful peace of his mother’s womb. Is it all that strange then that he finds the outside world just a bit too much to handle?

It is only correct if the poor little baby wants some peace to make the transition from quietude to noise, from isolation to gregariousness and to get used to the outside world. So we all have to make a little change in our lifestyles, adjust a little bit to welcome the little one into our lives and into this world……….


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