Twist for fitness



Bathing baby is one of the most pleasant experiences of bringing up baby. Keshav is one of those babies who love bath time. Initially when we gave him a bath in his little tub you could see the glimmer of excitement light up his eyes. Then when we graduated to the traditional Indian bath on my legs, I could see him enjoy it even more. 

Seeing him enjoy his bath so much, Neesha one day wanted to take over this task . I immediately put on my pants and told Neesha to get on the bathroom floor with her legs outstretched and handed over the baby to her. All went well till it was time to wash his head when Neesha found to her horror that she could hardly get beyond her own knees!! She quickly enlisted my help to finish off the bath, wondering at how an overweight granny like me could manage what she a svelte, yummy mummy couldn’t !!!


The answer was very simply 




This very ancient form of exercise devised by the gurus of yore and documented by Patanjali has been a popular form of exercise for yonks. During the Hippie age of the Beatles it was popularised in the West along with other “hindu” practices like meditation and chanting. But Yoga has nothing really to do with religion and is by far the best way to get and keep in shape.

Immediately Neesha wanted to start yoga with me and even though I am not a qualified teacher, I volunteered to do so. I pulled out my trusty old BK Iyengar’s Light on Yoga which as it turned out is not the best guide for a post natal mummy program. 

However, we carried on with some simple exercises starting with a minute of breathing in Sukhasan and ending with a five minute Shavasan and chanting of OM. In between this, we did some gentle stretches in Tadasan, twists in Ardha Marichasana, bends in Uttanasana, back strengthening exercises with Bhujangasan and Shalabhasan, tummy tightening exercises with Padangushtasan, waist exercises with Trikonasana and flexibility enhancers with both the Shvanasans. 

Doing yoga with Neesha not only improved her flexibility but also helped with the back pain that plagues nursing mothers. 

I would recommend Yoga for all young moms. It is an exercise that can be done in the privacy of your home while baby is sleeping in the cot. It calms you down and heals your aching muscles with its gentle and calming movements. 

Try and find an experienced Yoga teacher especially if you’ve never done this before so that you don’t damage your body. Yoga is truly the best form of exercise for everyone the best of them being The Pose of the Corpse or Shavasan which can deceptively lull you into a peaceful slumber



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