Why is the baby crying?

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One question you will hear time and again is

” Why is the baby crying?”

When your little munchkins is red in the face, wriggling and writhing, his face scrunched up and  mouth wide open to let out the loudest wail , this is the last question you’d ever want to hear! Especially when you don’t have the answer yourself. But, you will hear it again and again and again till you  feel like joining baby in sheer helplessness! But fear not. Babies don’t cry for no reason.

  • stay calm and stop gnashing your teeth or trying to answer the question why is your baby crying.
  • check if baby needs a nappy change
  • check if baby is hungry
  • check if baby is sleepy and needs help nodding off
  • check if baby needs to be burped

Neesha has been regularly following this drill for the past 8 weeks including the one horrid sixth week where Keshav seemed to cry for no reason at all. The sixth week apparently is a growth spurt when babies actually suffer from growing pains. Neesha’s logic goes like this:

Baby cries and gets hungry. Baby eats more and gets tired. Baby goes to sleep. Baby grows while sleeping.

Be that good logic or bad, Keshav did seem bigger in week 7 because logically babies grow every day whether they scream or not. But since all the reasons why babies cry were ruled out, we assumed they must be growing pains associated with a growth spurt. Desperate visits to several web sites corroborated this theory that babies have a growth spurt in week 6.

So now that Keshav is in week 9 we imagined our wakeful nights were over and that Keshav would be sleeping longer spells in the night and spending more hours awake in the day. How wrong we were! The past two days were sheer hell. Poor little Keshav would grunt and groan all through the day and pass hugely embarrassing gusts of wind. Despite the release, Keshav would still be writhing in agony, his little face scrunched up in pain. The nights were the worst ever and we actually began wondering what could have disrupted his peace.

Then yesterday while meditating, I had a Eureka moment after my fourth “OM” and found that the only change in his “diet” was 5 drops of Tonoferon  the iron supplement recommended by the pediatrician. We immediately decided not to give any more drops and lo and behold by this evening we had got back our happy baby.

While these drops are particularly recommended because they cause the least gastric disturbance to delicate tummies, we found that they just did not suit Keshav.

So now I can add yet another point to check why the baby is crying

  • check for a change in his diet.

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