Don’t throw the baby out with the bath tub!

Mom bathing cute baby - stock photo


Bath time is one of the more pleasurable experiences of bringing up baby. Most babies love the water and you can literally see them calming down and enjoying the water . When I became a mother all those years ago there was only ONE way to bathe baby – on your legs or on your grannie’s legs or on your bai’s legs.

Bathing a baby is very important because even though baby just lies in bed all day, bathing sets some kind of routine. Normally babies sleep well after a bath and this is the time to catch up on stuff that needs to be caught up with.

Since Keshav is a new age baby of new age parents there was no question of having a bai to bathe him as there was no bai to begin with. There was also no question of bathing him the Indian way. Actually this was not a conscious decision – it was something that happened just by default. On the first day at the hospital the nurses bathed him in a bath tub and told us that this was how we should bathe the baby. For six weeks we diligently gave him a bath in the tub but of late I found that he was getting larger and wigglier. It was getting increasingly difficult and tricky to manoeuvre him in the bath tub so the options were :

I preferred the second option as I feel you get a better grip on baby. And today I felt he really enjoyed his bath!

Some tips on bathing Indian style :

  • make sure that your own legs are clean!
  • sit firmly on the bathroom floor which should also be clean!
  • ensure that there is no draft ( close the windows and doors)
  • ensure that the temperature of the water is comfortable
  • have a sponge and mug handy to gently pour water on the baby
  • make sure to cover his head while pouring water so that nothing gets into the eyes, ears or nose
  • NEVER bathe baby alone – always have an assistant on hand
  • keep the towel ready and hand over the baby carefully to the assistant
  • DO NOT attempt to get up with the baby, you will definitely fall!
  • make sure that everything is on hand – the soap, the towel and the clothes the baby is going to wear

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