All that you need for a baby

Today we got an invitation to a different kind of exhibition – an exhibition of Baby care products.

MBC Expo logo

India’s Only International Exhibition for
Maternity and Baby Products


This morning while shopping for some more square nappies I came across a granny who told me that it is better to buy panties and stick nappy pads on them much like Sanitary pads. These she says cuts down the cost of using Pampers and reduces the washing by half since they are disposable. And she should know since she is bringing up twin boys!

Babies grow faster than we know and one constantly has to rush to the market to buy something because baby’s outgrown it. It is quite difficult to manage shopping trips between feed times and nap times so this exhibition at Nehru Centre Worli from 7th-9th June will be a godsend for all of those who have babies on the mind.

Baby care products are growing as fast as babies and there are literally hundreds of new products every day. There is no point in looking from shop to shop and net surfing is not always satisfying. So I think this is the perfect opportunity to find everything under one roof and  check out products for what they are .

I hope to visit this exhibition and write about the products on display so keep an eye on this space.


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