Doctor Who?

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Innocently Neesha asked her why she didn’t go to Dr. Big Nose as he was THE doctor all the ladies have been going to for the past thirty years.

“No! No!” MG emphatically said, wagging her finger and nodding her head. “I’ve heard the most HORRIFIC stories about Dr. Big Nose,” she said emphasising each word in crescendo. “He just doesn’t care about his patient. He has his own theories and just doesn’t care about a mother’s instinct. ”

While I didn’t agree with her condemnation of the doctor, I felt she was right about the attention a doctor gives to his patient.

Don’t go to a doctor just because he/she is the flavour of the season and everyone in your social circle goes to him/her. Your doctor is someone who will guide you not only through the pregnancy but also throughout your life reproductive or otherwise.  A good gynecologist  is one who

  • doesn’t talk down to you but treats you like a responsible, sensible woman
  • reassures your fears, pays attention and doesn’t hurry you through your consultation
  • who will be there for your delivery and not leave you in the hands of his/her locum
  • who doesn’t insist on caesareans just because it is convenient for him/her
  • who cousels you through your pregnancy on your diet queries, your doubts about breast feeding etc.

Neesha was lucky to have a doctor who was the top of the pops. He was an old family friend who had a solid reputation and she was comfortable with him. But there are some doctors who are really matter of fact and brusque so choose your gynac with care.

p.s. It is a good idea to accompany your daughter to the doctor if she is comfortable with it. Or if she her husband is free or if her mother-in-law is free to accompany her, let them go with her. In any case DON’T let her go alone. It always helps to have someone around as the news one is going to hear could  be good or bad.


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