A Happy Baby needs a Happy Mommy

While pregnancy is not an illness or a disease, it definitely calls for a modification of behaviour.

  • Make sure that you get enough sleep. In the first trimester you will suddenly develop an uncontrollable urge to sleep all day long. Infact you begin to feel so drowsy that you can often nod off at work!
  • Avoid stress and running around like a plucked chicken. Infact this is when grandmother’s work first begins – taking on the tasks that are delegated to you.
  • Stop all fad diets and eat sensibly. It is time now to throw out all those diet books sitting on your bookshelf. But remember you are NOT eating for two. You are eating for yourself. Make sure you eat enough to keep your own health while the baby grows inside you.
  • Always keep some biscuits like Marie in your purse. This helps fight down the nausea and also helps in boosting up sugar levels in the late afternoon.
  • Try and avoid high heels and tight clothes.

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